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Apex Insulin Pump Training in Affiliated Hospital of Taishan Medical College
Time:2021-01-06   Browse:551

On Apr. 19th, 2017, Apex Medical made training of insulin pump and disposables in Affiliated Hospital of Shandong Taishan Medical College. The training include operation of infusion set and reservoir, and some matters need attention during the use, and every one practice the operation to make sure the health-care professionals and patients can use our products in the correct and safe way.

During the training, we discussed and solved the problems during the use of TruCare Insulin Pump and disposals. All the health-care professionals made great appraisal of the training. Apex Medical appreciated the hospitals’ trust and support for Apex Medical and our products.

At present, together with many hospitals, Apex Medical launched TruCare Insulin Pump Rental Service to meet the short-term use requirement of insulin pump to reduce the therapy threshold, standardize after-sales service, and provide optimal short-term intensive insulin therapy.

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