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More comfortable -Subcutaneous cannula without needle sensation

●Very thin and highly comfort subcutaneous cannula

●No needle sensation even during activities like twisting and bending

●Fixing with a strong adhesive round tape and no need to use other additional tapes

●Good air permeability that prevents skin allergies, which is also more comfortable and beautiful

Move efficient-waterproof design and equipped with optional insertion device  

●Convenient insertion with an optional Fast-Settle insertion device

●Protection from needlestick injury with unique self capturer and is easy to dispose

●Waterproof design that enables the use during bathing or swimming

●The At-site tubing disconnection design has no tailing, making it looks perfect

●With a mark on the surface, the separator can be easily removed or reconnected by rotating according to the mark

Applicable users

●Users who prefer soft cannula set

●Users who are afraid of needles and want to do the insertion with the help of an insertion device

●Users who persue comfortable and convenient by wearing the pump

●6mm cannula is suitable for the people with normal or lower BMI 

●9mm cannula is suitable for the people with normal or higher BMI 

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